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                                                               "Dealers Wanted"



             The C.A.T Compact Adult Tricycle is a Registered trademark®
                   We have some celebrities that Love the C.A.T.
             "America's First Stand Up or  Sit Down Mobility Scooter"
                                            Up to 16mph
                               Up to 25 -35 miles per charge
                                            ECO Friendly
                               ADA Compliant /Fly's for free
                                            User friendly
                                 Collapsible & Lightweight
                                Offers a Seat & Wagon Opt.

                     " Fun and a Great Way to See the Sights !"
               Car Shows, Horse Shows,Boat shows,RV shows
                                            Festivals, Fairs
                                            Theme parks
                                      The Las Vegas strip!

     Contact us at
          If you need service or sales support

   "Scooter Dave" is probably on the road and can not take
           service calls and parts orders. Thank you!
     We still have some of the single fold scooters @                                                $2,495 available

Our New Double Fold Scooter $2,695.00 Retail
     It will fit in most trunks!!!! Awesome new design!!


3/19/16 Another happy customer! Jennifer Robin 
                           " Freedom!!"

Here is a great letter we got from Robin!!

     jennifer robin

  • Mar 19 at 3:51 PM


  • C.A.T.Compact Adult Tricycles

Message body

    Thank you so much for the quick reply and info!

     I Just took my son by MYSELF to the park near our house for the first time in a year!  My car has been out of commission and frankly with my muscle issues I've been scared to be in charge of something that could hurt someone else if my arms suddenly go weak or I loose vision again so I haven't bothered fixing it and will be selling it soon. But today I feel so FREE!  It was so much easier then getting in and out of a car, I dislocate my hips sometimes doing that but no danger of that stepping on and off the scooter. I got to really enjoy being outside and could go anywhere my son could. :)  He is 9 and for the past 5 years that I've been disabled he has missed going out and having fun with his Mom.  He's been so sad and sometimes cries because we can't just go for a walk together or to the park since our park is actually a walk even after you drive there. He just wanted his healthy, active Mom back.  But today I got to race my son!  I had him out of breath!  We have an upcoming trip soon and one day of it will be at Disney World.  I have been having such anxiety about this trip since it's so hard to get around, I can't even stand in line to get into the park and don't yet qualify for a wheel chair. I was to the point of just not going and letting my family go on without me.  You probably understand how depressing it is to loose your freedom and independence when your legs and back stop working like they used to.  I cannot say enough how grateful I am for an affordable mobility device and that it's small enough to go anywhere!  Not only does this benefit me but no one has to push me in a chair ever again.  No longer will I be stuck in the middle of a store on a store provided scooter that has broken down or run out of charge.  I never again have to say no to going to a fair or concert or sport event or ANYTHING just because I can't stand or walk.  Now everyone has to catch up to ME! Just how I used to be!  Now I can go for walks with my family and my son can get the exercise he needs, I felt so bad to not be able to help with that and my husband is so busy but no worries now!  I can be there to help him stay fit (he has the same disease I do) and hopefully keep strong. But should he loose the ability to keep up with his friends I don't need to worry, he'll be the "cool" one running circles around them with his wheels.


    As for being a dealer, all the info looks good.  We don't have a garage yet but are planning on building one in the next year or two.  Then I'll have a place to house all the scooters including my personal one. We have 1.5 acres in town here so I'm also thinking of putting in a "test" track we can also use for fun.  Really looking forward to this and I'll call once we have everything lined up!


Thank you so much for giving me my independence back and taking off a great amount of stress so I can be myself again, ~Jenn Robin

                         Thank you Robin for another great review!!!!!!     
       We are helping people get their mobility Back 1 Scooter at a time!!!    


                  Here is another letter we received from a very Happy Customer!
                                     He is having a great time with his Kool C.A.T. Scooter!
                            "Thank you for sending your appreciation and great review!"

                                4th of July on the Granbury, Texas Square

" Scooter Dave" in Connecticut with our new All Black C.A.T.

Kool C.A.T. Scooters USA L.L.C.
New C.A.T. Scooter  Lithium Models and Now Color Options!!
New Colored Hood and Fender set options or mix them Up!!
New standard White frame, optional Black frame 
(Come with USB phone charger)
 optional Trunks, Phone holders


Introducing our new Low Hood Lithium model!! 54 pounds $2,495.00 . Adjustable handlebar !  Front Wheel Key Lock for security, Backrest option,and new cell phone carrier option! Awesome!!!

Also our Security Unit!! Flashing adjustable light,Trunk, PA system, Sirens with,police ,fire ,ambulance , and rescue!
    Go Get um! $2,895.00


$2,195.00 - $2,495.00 plus shipping. They ship anywhere or catch us at a show we are coming to an event near you!
Please call and get to Scootin!!

" Reen" Enjoying Las Vegas!!

"Scooter Dave" Showing off the C.A.T. and enjoying the sights of Las Vegas!

                                     "Mission Granbury"
                                     of Granbury ,Texas

                   recieves raffel donation from Kool C.A.T. Scooters USA
               to help with relief efforts for the  May 2013 tornados that swept through
                                              Granbury, Texas

                                             Raffled scooter winner was very happy too!
      " We were so happy to be able to help and participate in assisting the people
                                                of Granbury! "              


see us @     C.A.T. Compact Adult Tricycles/Facebook